Weather in El camino, Galicia

The Weather in El Camino - Galicia, Spain

The Weather in El Camino - Galicia, Spain - It Might Not Be What You Imagine

In Galicia, where the Red Leaf Volunteer Program is located, the weater is different from what is normally expected in Spain. In fact, it has relatively mild, rainy winters and cool, sunny summers with frequent short heat waves. Depending on the city, high temperatures could vary from above 36 ºC in La Coruña to around  39 ºC in Vigo.

Pontevedra has a microclimate making it warm and dry in summer and mild in winter. Ourense has the most extreme of Galicia’s weather conditions with quite warm  sunny days in summer, but cold and sometimes freezing days in winter (you may even see snow some during the winter season). Lugo has a mix of weather with the north being cooler and the south being a few degrees warmer. Weatherwise, La Coruña is roughly in between the other cities.

Humidity can be very high (well over 80%) in summer, but the coastal areas will always offer a refreshing breeze. Spring (April to May) also has a high pollen count, mainly as a result of the many pine forests in the region. 

The area also has long  daylight hours. It will remain light (even in August) up until around 10.00pm at night. 

Sea temperatures along the northern coast of Galicia are a bit cold even in the summer.

To summarize, the closer you are to the coast, the more moderate the temperature. The further you go to the countryside of Galicia, the more the temperatures rise in summer and drop in the winter.

The mountains on the borders of Galicia are often covered in mystic mist. Although the temperature is more moderate at the coast, that doesn’t count for everything in Galicia’s climate. And don’t forget!  The wind can be very strong  along the rough Galician coast.